Professional Scope Mount Leveling Tool

Tough Tactical Tools

  • $34.99

  • Designed to allow a scope to be perfectly leveled on any firearm with ease
  • Comprised of two levels - Barrel clamp level and one smaller reference level
  • Barrel clamp level is diameter adjustable, fits different types of barrels, including shotguns. Protective pads to avoid marring on the barrel when clamping
  • Reference level embedded a strong magnet on the bottom for stability
  • CNC machined, anodized aluminum construction

Steps to level your scope:

1. Mount your gun on a gun vise
2. Place the smaller reference level on scope base, flat top of scope ring or other flat surface perpendicular to the vertical axis of the gun. Rotate the gun until the reference Level is aligned.
3. Clamp the barrel clamp level on the barrel, turning one of the knob screws until its level is centered to match the reference level. At this point the barrel clamp level is calibrated to the guns axis. 
4. Install the scope loosely and the place the reference level on top of the scopes turret cap. Rotate the scope carefully until the reference level is centered and then tighen the scope ring screws.

Packaing list:

- 1 x Barrel Clamp Level 
- 1 x Reference Level 
- 1 x User Manual

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